Don’t you just love the late night ER visits when you have sick children!! We went to the ER for my son last night. Durring the day yesterday Little Chris was not feeling well. He had gotten off a regiment of antibiotics for strep Monday. Well my wife and mother in-law are the type of people who worry about things (a little to much I think). Well about 2000 (8pm) my wife and mother in-law decided that Christopher needed to go into the Doctors. Earlier that morning he had a fever, a few weezing spells, and an episode of vomiting. So the decision was made to go to the ER last night. We got there and the room was full. Mostly with one family. About 30 minutes after we got there we were able to get his vitals. It was about 2 hours before we finially were able to see a doctor, and all the doctor said was that his thoat was red. And that he could give Little Chris a med that might help and we could discuss it with our Dr. today.

Don’t you just love ER doctors?