Last night around 2230 my families best pet was killed in an accident on our homemade shooting range.

Earlier that evening myself, my brother in-law, and friend  were passing around ideas of what to do to hang out. After the suggestion of coyote hunting came around, the suggestion went up to shoot on our homemade range. When we got home we set up the range with lighting to make it like day. By all human standards we were shooting perfectly safe, following all safety standards. The range is a 50 yard range with 3 targets with at 25 yards and 1 set of targets at 50 yards. We strapped up one of the family dogs because he will chase bullets, fireworks, and anything he can. We were not worried about my dog (Azul) because he is/was well trained. After about 20 minutes of shooting and making sure that Azul was around us when we shot we stopped for a few minutes to talk to each other and reload. At that point Azul was with us.

We started shooting a little while later and Azul was with us to start. I think that while we were shooting he went around the cars behind us and into the forest which wraps around to the back of the range. When we concluded the shooting I noticed that Azul was not around so I called him. At first I was not worried because he does not always come immediately. I had a bad feeling in my stomach and called him again. We when to look around the range to check “Just in Case” and hoping for the best. We found him and noticed that he was not moving. I was hoping that he was just stunned. After a closer inspection a single gun shot wound to the back of the head and piercing his spine killed the best trained and nicest dog that I have had since moving out of my mothers house.

Rest In Peace Azul… We will miss you dearly..