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I have been trying to come up with new ideas to blog about. I thought about all the different blogs I hear about on the radio (KLove) or on other social medias and on all the other blogs that my wife (Frog In Stitches) is always telling me to read. I have started to read two different blogs lately Single Dad Laughing and Will Work 4 Followers. When I was trying to sleep tonight I was thinking about all the different things that I could do to start blogging with some consistency. I thought about doing something like the blog that I heard about where a lady blogs about her daily reading, or about things that I enjoy doing. But every time I try to write things down the train of thought fades faster than a bottle of wine in a wine tasting. All the different ideas that I think about as blog ideas sound like good ideas but likeĀ Will Work 4 Followers says I need to blog about something that people will read about. Maybe the ideas will continue coming and eventually one will stick and turn into something more.


I started this blog a little while ago because my wife thought that I should. I thought that I would have a little problem coming up with tings to say. I thought that blogging would be easy or at least that it would be a little easier because I tend to have lots to say.

Trying to keep a blog up to date is harder to do than originally anticipated. I tend to think of things to write all day and then when I walk in the door from getting home from work, I have forgotten most of the thoughts and trains that went along with them. It is to bad we don’t have something that can sit on our heads like a baseball cap and record our daily thoughts like the LiveScribe Digital Pen records your handwriting. Could you imagine the all the applications that a you could do if you could transfer thoughts into digital commands. Maybe I will just have to buy a digital pen instead.

Don’t you just love the late night ER visits when you have sick children!! We went to the ER for my son last night. Durring the day yesterday Little Chris was not feeling well. He had gotten off a regiment of antibiotics for strep Monday. Well my wife and mother in-law are the type of people who worry about things (a little to much I think). Well about 2000 (8pm) my wife and mother in-law decided that Christopher needed to go into the Doctors. Earlier that morning he had a fever, a few weezing spells, and an episode of vomiting. So the decision was made to go to the ER last night. We got there and the room was full. Mostly with one family. About 30 minutes after we got there we were able to get his vitals. It was about 2 hours before we finially were able to see a doctor, and all the doctor said was that his thoat was red. And that he could give Little Chris a med that might help and we could discuss it with our Dr. today.

Don’t you just love ER doctors?

Socially Anti-Social

I have claimed in the past that I am socially anti-social. My wife takes that to mean that I want nothing to do with people. Really to me that means that I socialize because I need the interaction of other people but I prefer the size of the group to be a little group and to consist of people I know. I prefer that I get to know new people when I am around people I already know. Even though I am “anti-social” I still go out and look for new people to talk to and hang out with but joining new athletic groups. I have been spending time with people playing Ultimate Frisbee. I have made a few new friends. The thing is that when I want people around I want people around, and when I don’t, I DON’T.

Last night around 2230 my families best pet was killed in an accident on our homemade shooting range.

Earlier that evening myself, my brother in-law, and friendĀ  were passing around ideas of what to do to hang out. After the suggestion of coyote hunting came around, the suggestion went up to shoot on our homemade range. When we got home we set up the range with lighting to make it like day. By all human standards we were shooting perfectly safe, following all safety standards. The range is a 50 yard range with 3 targets with at 25 yards and 1 set of targets at 50 yards. We strapped up one of the family dogs because he will chase bullets, fireworks, and anything he can. We were not worried about my dog (Azul) because he is/was well trained. After about 20 minutes of shooting and making sure that Azul was around us when we shot we stopped for a few minutes to talk to each other and reload. At that point Azul was with us.

We started shooting a little while later and Azul was with us to start. I think that while we were shooting he went around the cars behind us and into the forest which wraps around to the back of the range. When we concluded the shooting I noticed that Azul was not around so I called him. At first I was not worried because he does not always come immediately. I had a bad feeling in my stomach and called him again. We when to look around the range to check “Just in Case” and hoping for the best. We found him and noticed that he was not moving. I was hoping that he was just stunned. After a closer inspection a single gun shot wound to the back of the head and piercing his spine killed the best trained and nicest dog that I have had since moving out of my mothers house.

Rest In Peace Azul… We will miss you dearly..

Feeling Obligated

Why is it that we tend to feel obligated to help people? Is it because we expect people to return the favor at a later time and date?

I have noticed with myself lately that I have had little desire to help people. No real reason behind it, just more or less a lack of desire to do much of anything other than spend time at home. Is it possible for people to do things with out expecting something in return. I remember when I used to help people just because they asked.

Why can’t people be people why just help others because of the satisfaction you get for being nice to others?

A Start

My wife has been pestering me for months to start a blog. She thinks that since I seem to have an opinion that I must share it with the world. Maybe she is right, we will see how it works out. This blog will consist of the random thoughts about any possible topic.

I will attempt to post notices as to when I think that my post will offend people.